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Conferences / Awards

Effective communication is the key to successful public speaking.

By utilizing Suzy Cues professional services you can make your presentation both professional and polished.

Check the Frequently Asked Questions page for more specific questions about our conference equipment and procedures.

Presentation made easy...

Simply email your script and attach as a Word DocumentText Only or Rich Text File and we’ll have the script ready for rehearsals. Alternatively, you can provide a CD, disk or USB stick on site, allowing enough time for our operator to adjust the layout, if required. Our professional operators will deliver and rig Flatscreen Conference Displays in front of the lectern/s.

Allow 1 hour minimum before either on-site rehearsals or arrival of audio for lectern setup, or 1.5 hours for two lecterns.

The script is scrolled at the pace of the speaker. Bullet points can be used if preferred. During rehearsals, scripts can be quickly amended and customized and on screen prompts or instructions can be inserted. Expert instruction for those who have never used a prompter can be given.

Call us to book your next Conference, National or International Tour. If you are planning a conference, convention or awards presentation, talk to Suzy for your Cue.