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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical considerations when using
a prompter system for Television & Video?


Our Flatscreen Camera Displays can be fitted to most industry cameras with ease. Below some more specific details are outlined about their setup and operation.

The Camera Base Plate / Mounting Systems

The base plates used on standard broadcast cameras - eg. Sony EX/ Digital Betacam - will fit onto our prompting systems without problems. The wedge/chip which slots into the tripod and normally screws onto the bottom of the camera base plate is removed and attached to the bottom of the autocue base plate. This then slots directly into the tripod, and the camera base plate is screwed onto the autocue base plate - using the supplied bolts.


For a studio camera mounted on a pedestal, you need to request a studio base plate. We use industry standard Autoscript hoods that adapt direct to the standard Vinten pedestals for these setups.

Occasionally there will be cameras which do not have compatible mounting systems or tripods to sustain the weight of our 15" standard prompters. This mostly occurs with small HDV cameras or sometimes film cameras with specialised tripod heads. In this case, a prompter can still be set up on a stand and then placed in front of the camera. Bear in mind that this will prevent panning or tilting the camera. For crane or complex dolly shots, we can mount the prompter on an articulated arm and situate the 7" or 10" monitor just above the lens..

Our new Baby Cue systems are fantastic for use on jib arms or cranes and sport a HiBright 10" screen for easy reading even in full sunlight.

The Weight

Our autocue systems have a considerable adjustment range for moving the balance of the added weight. Our operators will work with you to ensure the weight on the tripod head is balanced and not front or back heavy. It is very rare that there is not enough adjustment to achieve this balance without adding extra weights. If you're using a particularly light tripod, we would suggest using the lighter Baby Cue, independent stand or Cam-Cue system.

The Camera Lens / Prompter Hood

Where light levels need to be precisely measured - e.g. when using film - be aware that the prompter glass reduces light by one third of a stop.


Our systems run off 240V mains power, and we also have Battery operated equipment. If your production will use a location without power, please request a battery system when booking.

Vision Feeds

We can output several vision feeds from our Cueword computer via Composite BNC cables. This allows us to provide a feed to more than one camera display, extra monitors, and for a director's feed to an OB truck or control room. Please consider in advance how you might utilise these extra feeds and if you need to run any extra cabling.

For studio cameras, we usually send a vision feed to the control room for the director and to be sent to the autocue camera. We then take power and our vision signal direct from the camera (prompter out) - running it into the autocue monitor using short leads.

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